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Australian Ecological Knowledge and Observation System
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ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&rft_val_fmt=info%3Aofi%2Ffmt%3Akev%3Amtx%3Adc&rfr_id=info%3Asid%2FANDS&rft_id= Ecological Knowledge and Observation System&rft.description=This survey samples the range of accessible vegetation associations systematically for flora and fauna bounded within the Yellabinna Environmental Association of 7.5.2 and Illkina Environmental Association of 7.5.1. The study area comprises the field of regular parallel dunes of the Great Victorian Desert and tracts of salt lakes. Survey sites were visited between April 1984 and April 1995 using the Standard Biological Survey of South Australia methodology. Survey is part of the Biological Survey of SA programme run by the Biological Survey & Monitoring group in DEH. Survey areas defined in a DEH spatial layer managed by DEH Environmental Information Group. The Yellabinna (Survey) is part of the Biological Survey of South Australia Program which is a series of systematic surveys conducted across the state between 1971 and the present with the broad aim of providing a baseline inventory of South Australia's flora and fauna biodiversity.&rft.creator=Anonymous& Vegetation across South Australia&rft.coverage=northlimit=-29.44456; southlimit=-32.14868; eastlimit=134.7346; westlimit=130.10359; projection=GDA94&rft_rights=The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources requests attribution in the following manner: copyright State of South Australia (Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources) 2012. Updated data available at material is licensed under a Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Australia licence. &rft_subject=Environmental Science and Management&rft_subject=Environmental Sciences&rft_subject=Biochemistry and Cell Biology&rft_subject=Biological Sciences&rft_subject=Control of Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species&rft_subject=Environment&rft_subject=Flora Species Composition and Diversity&rft_subject=Flora Structure, Diversity and Condition&rft_subject=Flora Condition&rft_subject=Soil Characteristics&rft_subject=Soil Chemistry&rft_subject=Geomorphology&rft_subject=Geology&rft_subject=Species Concept: Casuarina Pauper F.muell. Ex L.a.s.johnson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Grevillea Nematophylla F.muell. Subsp. Nematophylla&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Nyssophylla F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Solanum Orbiculatum Dunal Subsp. Orbiculatum&rft_subject=Species Concept: Atriplex Stipitata Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Solanum Coactiliferum Concept: Euphorbia Tannensis Subsp. Eremophila (A.cunn.) D.c.hassall&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Kempeana F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ptilotus Sessilifolius (Lindl.) Benl&rft_subject=Species Concept: Erodium Crinitum Carolin&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dodonaea Viscosa Subsp. Angustissima (Dc.) J.g.west&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Sedifolia (F.muell.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Waitzia Acuminata Steetz Var. Acuminata&rft_subject=Species Concept: Cephalipterum Drummondii A.gray F. Drummondii&rft_subject=Species Concept: Abutilon Otocarpum F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Aristida Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Oswaldii F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Scaevola Spinescens Concept: Eriochiton Sclerolaenoides (F.muell.) A.j.scott&rft_subject=Species Concept: Chenopodium Desertorum ( Subsp. Desertorum&rft_subject=Species Concept: Austrostipa Nitida (Summerh. & C.e.hubb.) S.w.l.jacobs & J.everett&rft_subject=Species Concept: Myoporum Platycarpum Subsp. Platycarpum&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Georgei (Diels) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Setaria Basiclada (Hughes) R.d.webster&rft_subject=Species Concept: Nicotiana Simulans N.t.burb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Convolvulus Erubescens Sims&rft_subject=Species Concept: Enneapogon Avenaceus (Lindl.) C.e.hubb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Aneura F.muell. Ex Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Pentatropis (Tate) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lysiana Exocarpi (Behr) Tiegh. Subsp. Exocarpi&rft_subject=Species Concept: Zygophyllum Eremaeum (Diels) Ostenf.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Senna Artemisioides Subsp. Petiolaris Randell&rft_subject=Species Concept: Solanum Ellipticum F. Ellipticum&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sclerolaena Obliquicuspis (R.h.anderson) Ulbr.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Digitaria Brownii (Roem. & Schult.) Hughes&rft_subject=Species Concept: Olearia Muelleri (Sond.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sonchus Oleraceus L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhodanthe Floribunda (A.cunn. Ex Dc.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Tetragonia Eremaea Ostenf.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Tetragonophylla F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sida Fibulifera Lindl.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Chamaesyce Drummondii (Boiss.) D.c.hassall&rft_subject=Species Concept: Vittadinia Eremaea N.t.burb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhodanthe Stricta (Lindl.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Senna Artemisioides Subsp. Coriacea (Benth.) Randell&rft_subject=Species Concept: Atriplex Vesicaria&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Glabra ( Ostenf. Subsp. Glabra&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ptilotus Gaudichaudii (Steud.) Subsp. Gaudichaudii&rft_subject=Species Concept: Enneapogon Caerulescens (Gaudich.) N.t.burb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhagodia Spinescens Concept: Sclerolaena Parviflora (R.h.anderson) A.j.scott&rft_subject=Species Concept: Aristida Holathera Domin Var. Holathera&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Burkittii F.muell. Ex Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Socialis F.muell. Ex Miq.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ptilotus Polystachyus (Gaudich.) F.muell. F. Polystachyus&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sclerolaena Uniflora Concept: Santalum Acuminatum ( A.dc.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lycium Australe F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ptilotus Obovatus (Gaudich.) F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Alectryon Oleifolius Subsp. Canescens S.t.reynolds&rft_subject=Species Concept: Abutilon Cryptopetalum (F.muell.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sonchus Tenerrimus L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhyncharrhena Linearis (Decne.) K.l.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Ligulata A.cunn. Ex Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sclerolaena Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Zygophyllum Ovatum Ewart & Jean White&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sclerolaena Diacantha (Nees) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Concinna Maiden & Blakely&rft_subject=Species Concept: Salsola Australis L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Schoenia Cassiniana (Gaudich.) Steetz&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sida Spodochroma F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Monachather Paradoxus Steud.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Willsii F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Enchylaena Tomentosa Var. Tomentosa&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Trichoptera ( Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Foecunda Schauer&rft_subject=Species Concept: Paractaenum Novae-Hollandiae Subsp. Reversum (F.muell.) R.d.webster&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhagodia Preissii Moq. Subsp. Preissii&rft_subject=Species Concept: Enneapogon Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eragrostis Eriopoda Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Podolepis Capillaris (Steetz) Diels&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Striaticalyx W.fitzg.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Ramulosa W.fitzg.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Pittosporum Angustifolium Lodd., G.lodd. & W.lodd.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Paisleyi F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Sturtii Concept: Exocarpos Aphyllus Concept: Amyema Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Alternifolia Concept: Cratystylis Conocephala (F.muell.) S.moore&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Arachnoides Subsp. Tenera Chinnock&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Peeneri (Blakely) L.d.pryor & L.a.s.johnson Ex Boomsma&rft_subject=Species Concept: Templetonia Egena (F.muell.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Brunonia Australis Sm.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Erodium Cygnorum Nees Subsp. Cygnorum&rft_subject=Species Concept: Amphipogon Caricinus F.muell. Var. Caricinus&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lawrencella Davenportii (F.muell.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Murchisonia Volubilis Brittan&rft_subject=Species Concept: Westringia Rigida F. Rigida&rft_subject=Species Concept: Goodenia Havilandii Maiden & Betche&rft_subject=Species Concept: Gnephosis Tenuissima Cass.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Senecio Gregorii F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eriachne Helmsii (Domin) W.hartley&rft_subject=Species Concept: Prostanthera Althoferi Subsp. Longifolia B.j.conn&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dicrastylis Beveridgei Var. Lanata Munir&rft_subject=Species Concept: Duboisia Hopwoodii (F.muell.) F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Bossiaea Walkeri F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sida Ammophila F.muell. Ex J.h.willis&rft_subject=Species Concept: Grevillea Juncifolia Hook. Subsp. Juncifolia&rft_subject=Species Concept: Thyridolepis Mitchelliana (Nees) S.t.blake&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eragrostis Lanipes C.e.hubb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eriachne Mucronata Concept: Amyema Preissii (Miq.) Tiegh.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Suaedifolia (Paul G.wilson) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Tecticornia Lylei (Ewart & Jean White) K.a.sheph. & Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Darwinia Micropetala (F.muell.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lomandra Leucocephala Subsp. Robusta A.t.lee&rft_subject=Species Concept: Zygophyllum Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Spongiocarpa (F.muell.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Longifolia ( F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Latrobei Subsp. Glabra ( Chinnock&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dodonaea Microzyga F.muell. Var. Microzyga&rft_subject=Species Concept: Enneapogon Polyphyllus (Domin) N.t.burb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Pimelea Microcephala Subsp. Microcephala&rft_subject=Species Concept: Loranthaceae Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Euphorbia Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Zygophyllum Apiculatum F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Amyema Miquelii (Lehm. Ex Miq.) Tiegh.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Oleosa F.muell. Ex Miq. F. Oleosa&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Radiata (Paul G.wilson) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Scoparia ( F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Aristida Contorta F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Austrostipa Platychaeta (Hughes) S.w.l.jacobs & J.everett&rft_subject=Species Concept: Prostanthera Sericea ( B.j.conn&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Setaria Constricta (Domin) R.d.webster&rft_subject=Species Concept: Brassica Tournefortii Gouan&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Serrulata (A.cunn. Ex A.dc.) Druce&rft_subject=Species Concept: Olearia Exiguifolia (F.muell.) F.muell. Ex Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Triodia Irritans Concept: Senna Artemisioides (Gaudich. Ex Dc.) Randell Subsp. Artemisioides&rft_subject=Species Concept: Santalum Spicatum ( A.dc.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Atriplex Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Abutilon Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Marsdenia Australis ( Druce&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Gracilis F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lysiana Exocarpi F. Exocarpi&rft_subject=Species Concept: Grevillea Huegelii Meisn.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Brachyscome Trachycarpa F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Vittadinia Cervicularis N.t.burb. Var. Cervicularis&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Integra (Paul G.wilson) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Grammosolen Truncatus (Ising) Haegi&rft_subject=Species Concept: Pimelea Simplex F.muell. Subsp. Simplex&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Colletioides Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Stenopetalum Sphaerocarpum F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Yumbarrana Boomsma Subsp. Yumbarrana&rft_subject=Species Concept: Triodia Scariosa N.t.burb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Goodenia Cycloptera Concept: Chrysocephalum Pterochaetum F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Murrayana F.muell. Ex Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Vittadinia Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sclerolaena Eriacantha (F.muell.) Ulbr.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Chenopodium Gaudichaudianum (Moq.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Philotheca Linearis (A.cunn. Ex Endl.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Millotia Myosotidifolia (Benth.) Steetz&rft_subject=Species Concept: Microseris Lanceolata (Walp.) Sch.bip.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sarcostemma Viminale Subsp. Australe ( P.i.forst.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eriachne Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Crassula Sieberiana Subsp. Tetramera Toelken&rft_subject=Species Concept: Isotoma Scapigera ( G.don&rft_subject=Species Concept: Boerhavia Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Stackhousia Muricata Lindl.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Indigofera Australis Willd. Var. Australis&rft_subject=Species Concept: Austrostipa Scabra (Lindl.) S.w.l.jacobs & J.everett Subsp. Scabra&rft_subject=Species Concept: Parietaria Debilis G.forst.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sarcozona Praecox (F.muell.) S.t.blake Ex H.eichler&rft_subject=Species Concept: Olearia Stuartii (F.muell.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lepidium Oxytrichum Sprague&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Villosa (Lindl.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Millotia Greevesii Subsp. Helmsii (F.muell. & Tate) P.s.short&rft_subject=Species Concept: Trachymene Ornata (Endl.) Druce Var. Ornata&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sida Filiformis A.cunn.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Helipterum Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Senecio Laceratus (F.muell.) Belcher&rft_subject=Species Concept: Austrodanthonia Caespitosa (Gaudich.) H.p.linder&rft_subject=Species Concept: Bulbine Semibarbata ( Haw. F. Semibarbata&rft_subject=Species Concept: Oxalis Radicosa Concept: Olearia Decurrens (Dc.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Abutilon Leucopetalum (F.muell.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Gypsophila Tubulosa (Jaub. & Spach) Boiss.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Compositae Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Goodenia Lobata Ising&rft_subject=Species Concept: Velleia Connata F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Beyeria Lechenaultii F. Elaeagnoides Baill.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rostraria Pumila (Desf.) Tzvelev&rft_subject=Species Concept: Austrostipa Elegantissima (Labill.) S.w.l.jacobs & J.everett&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hypochaeris Glabra L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Senecio Glossanthus (Sond.) Belcher&rft_subject=Species Concept: Cassinia Laevis Concept: Swainsona Pyrophila Joy Thomps.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Euchiton Sphaericus (Willd.) Holub&rft_subject=Species Concept: Grevillea Treueriana F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Daucus Glochidiatus (Labill.) Fisch., C.a.mey. & Ave-Lall.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Isotoma Petraea F.muell. F. Petraea&rft_subject=Species Concept: Bromus Arenarius Labill.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Einadia Nutans ( A.j.scott Subsp. Nutans&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Continua Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Cheilanthes Sieberi Kunze Subsp. Sieberi&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calandrinia Eremaea Ewart&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Youngiana F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Nicotiana Rosulata (S.moore) Domin Subsp. Rosulata&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hibiscus Sturtii Var. Grandiflorus Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Cymbopogon Obtectus S.t.blake&rft_subject=Species Concept: Cheilanthes Lasiophylla Pic.serm.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Brachyscome Ciliaris (Labill.) Less. Var. Ciliaris&rft_subject=Species Concept: Pleurosorus Rutifolius ( Fee&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dysphania Melanocarpa ( Mosyakin & Clemants&rft_subject=Species Concept: Pomax Umbellata (Gaertn.) Sol. Ex Concept: Plantago Debilis Concept: Leiocarpa Semicalva (F.muell.) Paul G.wilson Subsp. Semicalva&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Trivalvis Blakely&rft_subject=Species Concept: Abutilon Malvifolium (Benth.) Concept: Austrodanthonia Setacea ( H.p.linder&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ptilotus Exaltatus Nees Var. Exaltatus&rft_subject=Species Concept: Billardiera Cymosa F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Goodenia Glabra Concept: Sclerolaena Costata (R.h.anderson) A.j.scott&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sida Calyxhymenia Ex Dc.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Erodium Cygnorum Subsp. Glandulosum Carolin&rft_subject=Species Concept: Senna Artemisioides Subsp. Helmsii (Symon) Randell&rft_subject=Species Concept: Cassia Sturtii Concept: Minuria Leptophylla Dc.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Solanum Cleistogamum Symon&rft_subject=Species Concept: Heliotropium Asperrimum Concept: Leucochrysum Stipitatum (F.muell.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Scaevola Amblyanthera Var. Centralis Carolin&rft_subject=Species Concept: Senna Artemisioides Subsp. Zygophylla (Benth.) Randell&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ptilotus Decipiens (Benth.) C.a.gardner&rft_subject=Species Concept: Haloragis Odontocarpa F. Pterocarpa Orchard&rft_subject=Species Concept: Convolvulus Remotus Concept: Schismus Barbatus (Loefl. Ex L.) Thell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Leucochrysum Fitzgibbonii (F.muell.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhodanthe Moschata (Dc.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Muelleranthus Stipularis ( A.t.lee&rft_subject=Species Concept: Tribulus Terrestris L. F. Terrestris&rft_subject=Species Concept: Tragus Australianus S.t.blake&rft_subject=Species Concept: Nicotiana Velutina H.-M.wheeler&rft_subject=Species Concept: Velleia Cycnopotamica F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Erodium Cicutarium (L.) L'her. Ex Aiton F. Cicutarium&rft_subject=Species Concept: Portulaca Oleracea L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Stenopetalum Lineare Ex Dc.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Cibaria F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calotis Plumulifera F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Erodium Aureum Carolin&rft_subject=Species Concept: Tripogon Loliiformis (F.muell.) C.e.hubb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Triptera (Benth.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhagodia Ulicina (Gand.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hibiscus Krichauffianus F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Amyema Quandang (Lindl.) Tiegh. Var. Quandang&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Papyrocarpa Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Maculata (Ker Gawl.) F.muell. Subsp. Maculata&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eragrostis Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhodanthe Haigii (F.muell.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Triodia Lanata Concept: Chrysocephalum Eremaeum (Haegi) Anderb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Podolepis Canescens A.cunn. Ex Dc. F. Canescens&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ceratogyne Obionoides Turcz.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhodanthe Chlorocephala Subsp. Rosea (Hook.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Chrysocephalum Apiculatum (Labill.) Steetz&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calandrinia Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Goodenia Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Olearia Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Trachymene Glaucifolia (F.muell.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calotis Cymbacantha F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dianella Revoluta Var. Brevicaulis&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eutaxia Microphylla ( C.h.wright & Dewar&rft_subject=Species Concept: Austrostipa Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Prostanthera Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Rigens A.cunn. Ex G.don&rft_subject=Species Concept: Thryptomene Elliottii F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Leptospermum Coriaceum (F.muell. Ex Miq.) Cheel&rft_subject=Species Concept: Frankenia Foliosa Concept: Allocasuarina Helmsii (Ewart & M.gordon) L.a.s.johnson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Amyema Maidenii (Blakely) Barlow Subsp. Maidenii&rft_subject=Species Concept: Melaleuca Eleuterostachya F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Brachyscome Iberidifolia Benth. F. Iberidifolia&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calotis Erinacea Steetz&rft_subject=Species Concept: Logania Nuda F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dampiera Lanceolata A.cunn. Ex Dc. Var. Lanceolata&rft_subject=Species Concept: Daviesia Ulicifolia Andrews&rft_subject=Species Concept: Podolepis Rugata Labill. Var. Rugata&rft_subject=Species Concept: Grevillea Pterosperma F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Polycalymma Stuartii F.muell. & Sond. Ex Sond.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhagodia Crassifolia Concept: Olearia Subspicata (Hook.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Corynotheca Licrota R.j.f.hend.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lechenaultia Divaricata F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Podotheca Angustifolia (Labill.) Less.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Gyrostemon Ramulosus Desf.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calandrinia Disperma Concept: Lechenaultia Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Senna Pleurocarpa (F.muell.) Randell Var. Pleurocarpa&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calandrinia Reticulata Syeda&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhagodia Eremaea Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Amyema Linophylla Subsp. Orientalis Barlow&rft_subject=Species Concept: Podolepis Longipedata A.cunn. Ex Dc.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Eremicola Boomsma&rft_subject=Species Concept: Chenopodium Desertorum Subsp. Rectum Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Prainii Maiden&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Rohrlachii (Paul G.wilson) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Appressa (Benth.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Zygophyllum Aurantiacum (Lindl.) F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Gibsonii F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Austrostipa Plumigera (Hughes) S.w.l.jacobs & J.everett&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hyalosperma Semisterile (F.muell.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Solanum Aff. Centrale&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dysphania Melanocarpa&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sonchus Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Geraniaceae Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Billardiera Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Pimelea Microcephala&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calandrinia Balonensis Lindl.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Erodium Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ptilotus Obovatus&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Oppositifolia (F.muell.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ptychosema Anomalum F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Sibirica S.moore&rft_subject=Species Concept: Nicotiana Goodspeedii H.-M.wheeler&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lepidium Phlebopetalum (F.muell.) F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Convolvulus Eyreanus R.w.johnson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Isoetopsis Graminifolia Turcz.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Thryptomene Maisonneuvei F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Olearia Magniflora (F.muell.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Geijera Linearifolia (Dc.) Concept: Eucalyptus Brachycalyx Blakely&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhagodia Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Comesperma Volubile Labill.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Cassytha Melantha Concept: Beyeria Opaca F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Melaleuca Lanceolata Otto Subsp. Lanceolata&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Deserti (A.cunn. Ex Benth.) Chinnock&rft_subject=Species Concept: Trichanthodium Skirrophorum Sond. & F.muell. Ex Sond.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Carthamus Lanatus L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Carrichtera Annua (L.) Dc.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Senna Artemisioides Subsp. Filifolia Randell&rft_subject=Species Concept: Null&rft_subject=Species Concept: Coopernookia Strophiolata (F.muell.) Carolin&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dodonaea Stenozyga F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Merrallii F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Weldii F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Schoenus Subaphyllus Kuk.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Crassula Colorata (Nees) Ostenf. Var. Colorata&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Capitanea L.a.s.johnson & K.d.hill&rft_subject=Species Concept: Frankenia Pauciflora Var. Fruticulosa (Dc.) Summerh.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Actinobole Uliginosum (A.gray) H.eichler&rft_subject=Species Concept: Agrostis Avenacea J.f.gmel. Var. Avenacea&rft_subject=Species Concept: Urtica Urens L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hordeum Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dissocarpus Paradoxus ( Ulbr.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Threlkeldia Diffusa Concept: Paractaenum Refractum (F.muell.) R.d.webster&rft_subject=Species Concept: Gonocarpus Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Enneapogon Cylindricus N.t.burb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calandrinia Remota Concept: Chenopodium Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Enneapogon Robustissimus (Domin) N.t.burb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Halgania Cyanea Lindl.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Thryptomene Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Maireana Erioclada (Benth.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lysiana Murrayi (F.muell. & Tate) Tiegh.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Gilesiana F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Thryptomene Biseriata Concept: Calotis Hispidula (F.muell.) F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Poranthera Microphylla Brongn.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Alyogyne Pinoniana (Gaudich.) Fryxell Var. Pinoniana&rft_subject=Species Concept: Triraphis Mollis F. Mollis&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sida Spodochroma -- Sida Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Triptilodiscus Pygmaeus Turcz.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Xerochrysum Bracteatum (Vent.) Tzvelev&rft_subject=Species Concept: Sclerolaena Johnsonii (Ising) A.j.scott&rft_subject=Species Concept: Codonocarpus Cotinifolius (Desf.) F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Grevillea Stenobotrya F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Goodenia Berardiana (Gaudich.) Carolin&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dysphania Cristata (F.muell.) Mosyakin & Clemants&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ixiochlamys Filicifolia Dunlop&rft_subject=Species Concept: Trichodesma Zeylanicum (Burm.f.) Var. Zeylanicum&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calandrinia Polyandra Benth. Var. Polyandra&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dodonaea Lobulata F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hakea Francisiana F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Callitris Verrucosa (A.cunn. Ex Endl.) F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Stackhousia Megaloptera F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Boronia Coerulescens F.muell. Subsp. Coerulescens&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Platythamnos&rft_subject=Species Concept: Chenopodium Desertorum Subsp. Anidiophyllum (Aellen) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Gratwickia Monochaeta F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dicrastylis Lewellinii (F.muell.) F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Daviesia Benthamii Subsp. Humilis Crisp&rft_subject=Species Concept: Alyxia Buxifolia Concept: Rhodanthe Pygmaea (Dc.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dodonaea Ptarmicifolia&rft_subject=Species Concept: Alyogyne Pinoniana Var. Microandra Fryxell&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eremophila Fallax Chinnock&rft_subject=Species Concept: Melaleuca Leiocarpa F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hibbertia Crispula Concept: Adriana Tomentosa Var. Hookeri (F.muell.) C.l.gross & M.a.whalen&rft_subject=Species Concept: Phebalium Bullatum Concept: Hybanthus Floribundus (Lindl.) F.muell. Subsp. Floribundus&rft_subject=Species Concept: Halgania Andromedifolia Behr & F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Prostanthera Ammophila B.j.conn&rft_subject=Species Concept: Calytrix Involucrata Concept: Helichrysum Leucopsideum Dc.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Leucopogon Cordifolius Lindl.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Thysanotus Exiliflorus F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dillwynia Hispida Lindl.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lomandra Collina ( Ewart&rft_subject=Species Concept: Daviesia Arthropoda F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lasiopetalum Behrii F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Olearia Lepidophylla (Pers.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Stenanthemum Notiale Rye Subsp. Notiale&rft_subject=Species Concept: Exocarpos Sparteus F. Sparteus&rft_subject=Species Concept: Opercularia Turpis F.muell. Ex Concept: Goodenia Blackiana Carolin&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lepidosperma Concavum Concept: Gahnia Lanigera ( Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Zygophyllum Glaucum F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dodonaea Bursariifolia F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Acanthoclada F.muell. Subsp. Acanthoclada&rft_subject=Species Concept: Goodenia Varia Concept: Amyema Melaleucae (Lehm. Ex Miq.) Tiegh.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Ozothamnus Retusus F.muell. & Sond. Ex Sond.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Goodenia Affinis De Vriese&rft_subject=Species Concept: Pultenaea Elachista (F.muell.) Crisp&rft_subject=Species Concept: Dicrastylis Verticillata Concept: Ptilotus Seminudus ( Concept: Melaleuca Pauperiflora F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Centaurea Melitensis L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Atriplex Acutibractea R.h.anderson Subsp. Acutibractea&rft_subject=Species Concept: Austrostipa Drummondii (Steud.) S.w.l.jacobs & J.everett&rft_subject=Species Concept: Bromus Rubens L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eucalyptus Dumosa A.cunn. Ex J.oxley&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hedypnois Rhagadioloides (L.) Concept: Mesembryanthemum Crystallinum L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Onopordum Acaulon L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Bupleurum Semicompositum L.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hordeum Glaucum Steud.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hakea Leucoptera Subsp. Leucoptera&rft_subject=Species Concept: Teucrium Sessiliflorum Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Avena Barbata Pott Ex Link&rft_subject=Species Concept: Buglossoides Arvensis (L.) I.m.johnst.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Cucumis Myriocarpus Naudin&rft_subject=Species Concept: Brachyscome Lineariloba (Dc.) Druce&rft_subject=Species Concept: Disphyma Crassifolium Subsp. Clavellatum (Haw.) Chinnock&rft_subject=Species Concept: Halosarcia Sp.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Spergularia Diandra (Guss.) Heldr.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Senecio Pinnatifolius Concept: Tecticornia Halocnemoides (Nees) K.a.sheph. & Paul G.wilson Subsp. Halocnemoides&rft_subject=Species Concept: Eragrostis Dielsii Pilg. Var. Dielsii&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rostraria Cristata (L.) Tzvelev&rft_subject=Species Concept: Millotia Macrocarpa Schodde&rft_subject=Species Concept: Osteocarpum Salsuginosum F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Pycnosorus Pleiocephalus (F.muell.) J.everett & Doust&rft_subject=Species Concept: Medicago Minima (L.) L. Ex Bartal. Var. Minima&rft_subject=Species Concept: Phyllanthus Lacunarius F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Hemichroa Diandra Concept: Pogonolepis Muelleriana (Sond.) P.s.short&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lawrencia Squamata Nees&rft_subject=Species Concept: Swainsona Microcalyx Concept: Vulpia Myuros (L.) C.c.gmel.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Angianthus Glabratus P.s.short&rft_subject=Species Concept: Rhodanthe Polygalifolia (A.cunn. Ex Dc.) Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Alyogyne Pinoniana&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acetosa Vesicaria (L.) Concept: Tecticornia Pruinosa (Paulsen) K.a.sheph. & Paul G.wilson&rft_subject=Species Concept: Atriplex Spongiosa F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Zygophyllum Compressum Concept: Lawrencia Glomerata Hook.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Gunniopsis Quadrifida (F.muell.) Pax&rft_subject=Species Concept: Swainsona Oliveri F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Stenopetalum Velutinum F.muell.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Scaevola Depauperata Concept: Eucalyptus Pimpiniana Maiden&rft_subject=Species Concept: Microcybe Multiflora Turcz. Subsp. Multiflora&rft_subject=Species Concept: Scaevola Bursariifolia Concept: Solanum Hystrix Concept: Angianthus Tomentosus J.c.wendl.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Vittadinia Australasica (Turcz.) N.t.burb. Var. Australasica&rft_subject=Species Concept: Asteridea Athrixioides (Sond. & F.muell. Ex Sond.) Kroner&rft_subject=Species Concept: Anagallis Arvensis L. F. Arvensis&rft_subject=Species Concept: Goodenia Gibbosa Carolin&rft_subject=Species Concept: Vittadinia Gracilis (Hook.f.) N.t.burb.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Grevillea Sarissa Subsp. Umbellifera ( Mc Gill. &rft_subject=Species Concept: Melaleuca Acuminata F.muell. Subsp. Acuminata&rft_subject=Species Concept: Olearia Floribunda (Hook.f.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Leptomeria Aphylla Concept: Cryptandra Amara Sm. Var. Amara&rft_subject=Species Concept: Daviesia Benthamii Subsp. Acanthoclona (F.muell.) Crisp&rft_subject=Species Concept: Goodenia Glandulosa K.krause&rft_subject=Species Concept: Prostanthera Serpyllifolia Subsp. Microphylla ( B.j.conn&rft_subject=Species Concept: Acacia Hakeoides A.cunn. Ex Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Olearia Pimeleoides (Dc.) Benth.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lepidosperma Viscidum Concept: Acacia Farinosa Lindl.&rft_subject=Species Concept: Lepidosperma Sp.&rft.type=dataset&rft.language=English Go to Data Provider

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This material is licensed under a Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Australia licence.

The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources requests attribution in the following manner: copyright State of South Australia (Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources) 2012. Updated data available at


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The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources requests attribution in the following manner: copyright State of South Australia (Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources) 2012. Updated data available at

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Ph: +61 8 9334 0333
100 Pirie Street, Adelaide, 5001

GPO Box 1047, Adelaide, SA, 5001

Full description

This survey samples the range of accessible vegetation associations systematically for flora and fauna bounded within the Yellabinna Environmental Association of 7.5.2 and Illkina Environmental Association of 7.5.1. The study area comprises the field of regular parallel dunes of the Great Victorian Desert and tracts of salt lakes. Survey sites were visited between April 1984 and April 1995 using the Standard Biological Survey of South Australia methodology. Survey is part of the Biological Survey of SA programme run by the Biological Survey & Monitoring group in DEH. Survey areas defined in a DEH spatial layer managed by DEH Environmental Information Group. The Yellabinna (Survey) is part of the Biological Survey of South Australia Program which is a series of systematic surveys conducted across the state between 1971 and the present with the broad aim of providing a baseline inventory of South Australia's flora and fauna biodiversity.

Data time period: 1984-04-07 to 2002-05-07

134.7346,-29.44456 134.7346,-32.14868 130.10359,-32.14868 130.10359,-29.44456 134.7346,-29.44456


text: Native Vegetation across South Australia

Biochemistry and Cell Biology | Biological Sciences | Control of Pests, Diseases and Exotic Species | Environment | Environmental Science and Management | Environmental Sciences | Flora condition | Flora species composition and diversity | Flora structure, diversity and condition | Geology | Geomorphology | Soil characteristics | Soil chemistry | species concept: Abutilon cryptopetalum (F.Muell.) Benth. | species concept: Abutilon leucopetalum (F.Muell.) Benth. | species concept: Abutilon malvifolium (Benth.) J.M.Black | species concept: Abutilon otocarpum F.Muell. | species concept: Abutilon sp. | species concept: Acacia acanthoclada F.Muell. subsp. acanthoclada | species concept: Acacia aneura F.Muell. ex Benth. | species concept: Acacia burkittii F.Muell. ex Benth. | species concept: Acacia cibaria F.Muell. | species concept: Acacia colletioides Benth. | species concept: Acacia continua Benth. | species concept: Acacia farinosa Lindl. | species concept: Acacia gilesiana F.Muell. | species concept: Acacia hakeoides A.Cunn. ex Benth. | species concept: Acacia kempeana F.Muell. | species concept: Acacia ligulata A.Cunn. ex Benth. | species concept: Acacia merrallii F.Muell. | species concept: Acacia murrayana F.Muell. ex Benth. | species concept: Acacia nyssophylla F.Muell. | species concept: Acacia oswaldii F.Muell. | species concept: Acacia papyrocarpa Benth. | species concept: Acacia prainii Maiden | species concept: Acacia ramulosa W.Fitzg. | species concept: Acacia rigens A.Cunn. ex G.Don | species concept: Acacia sibirica S.Moore | species concept: Acacia tetragonophylla F.Muell. | species concept: Acetosa vesicaria (L.) A.Love | species concept: Actinobole uliginosum (A.Gray) H.Eichler | species concept: Adriana tomentosa var. hookeri (F.Muell.) C.L.Gross & M.A.Whalen | species concept: Agrostis avenacea J.F.Gmel. var. avenacea | species concept: Alectryon oleifolius subsp. canescens S.T.Reynolds | species concept: Allocasuarina helmsii (Ewart & M.Gordon) L.A.S.Johnson | species concept: Alyogyne pinoniana | species concept: Alyogyne pinoniana (Gaudich.) Fryxell var. pinoniana | species concept: Alyogyne pinoniana var. microandra Fryxell | species concept: Alyxia buxifolia R.Br. | species concept: Amphipogon caricinus F.Muell. var. caricinus | species concept: Amyema linophylla subsp. orientalis Barlow | species concept: Amyema maidenii (Blakely) Barlow subsp. maidenii | species concept: Amyema melaleucae (Lehm. ex Miq.) Tiegh. | species concept: Amyema miquelii (Lehm. ex Miq.) Tiegh. | species concept: Amyema preissii (Miq.) Tiegh. | species concept: Amyema quandang (Lindl.) Tiegh. var. quandang | species concept: Amyema sp. | species concept: Anagallis arvensis L. f. arvensis | species concept: Angianthus glabratus P.S.Short | species concept: Angianthus tomentosus J.C.Wendl. | species concept: Aristida contorta F.Muell. | species concept: Aristida holathera Domin var. holathera | species concept: Aristida sp. | species concept: Asteridea athrixioides (Sond. & F.Muell. ex Sond.) Kroner | species concept: Atriplex acutibractea R.H.Anderson subsp. acutibractea | species concept: Atriplex sp. | species concept: Atriplex spongiosa F.Muell. | species concept: Atriplex stipitata Benth. | species concept: Atriplex vesicaria | species concept: Austrodanthonia caespitosa (Gaudich.) H.P.Linder | species concept: Austrodanthonia setacea (R.Br.) H.P.Linder | species concept: Austrostipa drummondii (Steud.) S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett | species concept: Austrostipa elegantissima (Labill.) S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett | species concept: Austrostipa nitida (Summerh. & C.E.Hubb.) S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett | species concept: Austrostipa platychaeta (Hughes) S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett | species concept: Austrostipa plumigera (Hughes) S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett | species concept: Austrostipa scabra (Lindl.) S.W.L.Jacobs & J.Everett subsp. scabra | species concept: Austrostipa sp. | species concept: Avena barbata Pott ex Link | species concept: Beyeria lechenaultii f. elaeagnoides Baill. | species concept: Beyeria opaca F.Muell. | species concept: Billardiera cymosa F.Muell. | species concept: Billardiera sp. | species concept: Boerhavia sp. | species concept: Boronia coerulescens F.Muell. subsp. coerulescens | species concept: Bossiaea walkeri F.Muell. | species concept: Brachyscome ciliaris (Labill.) Less. var. ciliaris | species concept: Brachyscome iberidifolia Benth. f. iberidifolia | species concept: Brachyscome lineariloba (DC.) Druce | species concept: Brachyscome trachycarpa F.Muell. | species concept: Brassica tournefortii Gouan | species concept: Bromus arenarius Labill. | species concept: Bromus rubens L. | species concept: Brunonia australis Sm. | species concept: Buglossoides arvensis (L.) I.M.Johnst. | species concept: Bulbine semibarbata (R.Br.) Haw. f. semibarbata | species concept: Bupleurum semicompositum L. | species concept: Calandrinia balonensis Lindl. | species concept: Calandrinia disperma J.M.Black | species concept: Calandrinia eremaea Ewart | species concept: Calandrinia polyandra Benth. var. polyandra | species concept: Calandrinia remota J.M.Black | species concept: Calandrinia reticulata Syeda | species concept: Calandrinia sp. | species concept: Callitris verrucosa (A.Cunn. ex Endl.) F.Muell. | species concept: Calotis cymbacantha F.Muell. | species concept: Calotis erinacea Steetz | species concept: Calotis hispidula (F.Muell.) F.Muell. | species concept: Calotis plumulifera F.Muell. | species concept: Calytrix involucrata J.M.Black | species concept: Carrichtera annua (L.) DC. | species concept: Carthamus lanatus L. | species concept: Cassia sturtii R.Br. | species concept: Cassinia laevis R.Br. | species concept: Cassytha melantha R.Br. | species concept: Casuarina pauper F.Muell. ex L.A.S.Johnson | species concept: Centaurea melitensis L. | species concept: Cephalipterum drummondii A.Gray f. drummondii | species concept: Ceratogyne obionoides Turcz. | species concept: Chamaesyce drummondii (Boiss.) D.C.Hassall | species concept: Cheilanthes lasiophylla Pic.Serm. | species concept: Cheilanthes sieberi Kunze subsp. sieberi | species concept: Chenopodium desertorum (J.M.Black) J.M.Black subsp. desertorum | species concept: Chenopodium desertorum subsp. anidiophyllum (Aellen) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Chenopodium desertorum subsp. rectum Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Chenopodium gaudichaudianum (Moq.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Chenopodium sp. | species concept: Chrysocephalum apiculatum (Labill.) Steetz | species concept: Chrysocephalum eremaeum (Haegi) Anderb. | species concept: Chrysocephalum pterochaetum F.Muell. | species concept: Codonocarpus cotinifolius (Desf.) F.Muell. | species concept: Comesperma volubile Labill. | species concept: Compositae sp. | species concept: Convolvulus erubescens Sims | species concept: Convolvulus eyreanus R.W.Johnson | species concept: Convolvulus remotus R.Br. | species concept: Coopernookia strophiolata (F.Muell.) Carolin | species concept: Corynotheca licrota R.J.F.Hend. | species concept: Crassula colorata (Nees) Ostenf. var. colorata | species concept: Crassula sieberiana subsp. tetramera Toelken | species concept: Cratystylis conocephala (F.Muell.) S.Moore | species concept: Cryptandra amara Sm. var. amara | species concept: Cucumis myriocarpus Naudin | species concept: Cymbopogon obtectus S.T.Blake | species concept: Dampiera lanceolata A.Cunn. ex DC. var. lanceolata | species concept: Darwinia micropetala (F.Muell.) Benth. | species concept: Daucus glochidiatus (Labill.) Fisch., C.A.Mey. & Ave-Lall. | species concept: Daviesia arthropoda F.Muell. | species concept: Daviesia benthamii subsp. acanthoclona (F.Muell.) Crisp | species concept: Daviesia benthamii subsp. humilis Crisp | species concept: Daviesia ulicifolia Andrews | species concept: Dianella revoluta var. brevicaulis | species concept: Dicrastylis beveridgei var. lanata Munir | species concept: Dicrastylis lewellinii (F.Muell.) F.Muell. | species concept: Dicrastylis verticillata J.M.Black | species concept: Digitaria brownii (Roem. & Schult.) Hughes | species concept: Dillwynia hispida Lindl. | species concept: Disphyma crassifolium subsp. clavellatum (Haw.) Chinnock | species concept: Dissocarpus paradoxus (R.Br.) Ulbr. | species concept: Dodonaea bursariifolia F.Muell. | species concept: Dodonaea lobulata F.Muell. | species concept: Dodonaea microzyga F.Muell. var. microzyga | species concept: Dodonaea ptarmicifolia | species concept: Dodonaea stenozyga F.Muell. | species concept: Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustissima (DC.) J.G.West | species concept: Duboisia hopwoodii (F.Muell.) F.Muell. | species concept: Dysphania cristata (F.Muell.) Mosyakin & Clemants | species concept: Dysphania melanocarpa | species concept: Dysphania melanocarpa (J.M.Black) Mosyakin & Clemants | species concept: Einadia nutans (R.Br.) A.J.Scott subsp. nutans | species concept: Enchylaena tomentosa R.Br. var. tomentosa | species concept: Enneapogon avenaceus (Lindl.) C.E.Hubb. | species concept: Enneapogon caerulescens (Gaudich.) N.T.Burb. | species concept: Enneapogon cylindricus N.T.Burb. | species concept: Enneapogon polyphyllus (Domin) N.T.Burb. | species concept: Enneapogon robustissimus (Domin) N.T.Burb. | species concept: Enneapogon sp. | species concept: Eragrostis dielsii Pilg. var. dielsii | species concept: Eragrostis eriopoda Benth. | species concept: Eragrostis lanipes C.E.Hubb. | species concept: Eragrostis sp. | species concept: Eremophila alternifolia R.Br. | species concept: Eremophila arachnoides subsp. tenera Chinnock | species concept: Eremophila deserti (A.Cunn. ex Benth.) Chinnock | species concept: Eremophila fallax Chinnock | species concept: Eremophila gibsonii F.Muell. | species concept: Eremophila glabra (R.Br.) Ostenf. subsp. glabra | species concept: Eremophila latrobei subsp. glabra (L.S.Sm.) Chinnock | species concept: Eremophila longifolia (R.Br.) F.Muell. | species concept: Eremophila maculata (Ker Gawl.) F.Muell. subsp. maculata | species concept: Eremophila paisleyi F.Muell. | species concept: Eremophila platythamnos | species concept: Eremophila scoparia (R.Br.) F.Muell. | species concept: Eremophila serrulata (A.Cunn. ex A.DC.) Druce | species concept: Eremophila sp. | species concept: Eremophila sturtii R.Br. | species concept: Eremophila weldii F.Muell. | species concept: Eremophila willsii F.Muell. | species concept: Eriachne helmsii (Domin) W.Hartley | species concept: Eriachne mucronata R.Br. | species concept: Eriachne sp. | species concept: Eriochiton sclerolaenoides (F.Muell.) A.J.Scott | species concept: Erodium aureum Carolin | species concept: Erodium cicutarium (L.) L'Her. ex Aiton f. cicutarium | species concept: Erodium crinitum Carolin | species concept: Erodium cygnorum Nees subsp. cygnorum | species concept: Erodium cygnorum subsp. glandulosum Carolin | species concept: Erodium sp. | species concept: Eucalyptus brachycalyx Blakely | species concept: Eucalyptus capitanea L.A.S.Johnson & K.D.Hill | species concept: Eucalyptus concinna Maiden & Blakely | species concept: Eucalyptus dumosa A.Cunn. ex J.Oxley | species concept: Eucalyptus eremicola Boomsma | species concept: Eucalyptus foecunda Schauer | species concept: Eucalyptus gracilis F.Muell. | species concept: Eucalyptus oleosa F.Muell. ex Miq. f. oleosa | species concept: Eucalyptus peeneri (Blakely) L.D.Pryor & L.A.S.Johnson ex Boomsma | species concept: Eucalyptus pimpiniana Maiden | species concept: Eucalyptus socialis F.Muell. ex Miq. | species concept: Eucalyptus striaticalyx W.Fitzg. | species concept: Eucalyptus trivalvis Blakely | species concept: Eucalyptus youngiana F.Muell. | species concept: Eucalyptus yumbarrana Boomsma subsp. yumbarrana | species concept: Euchiton sphaericus (Willd.) Holub | species concept: Euphorbia sp. | species concept: Euphorbia tannensis subsp. eremophila (A.Cunn.) D.C.Hassall | species concept: Eutaxia microphylla (R.Br.) C.H.Wright & Dewar | species concept: Exocarpos aphyllus R.Br. | species concept: Exocarpos sparteus R.Br. f. sparteus | species concept: Frankenia foliosa J.M.Black | species concept: Frankenia pauciflora var. fruticulosa (DC.) Summerh. | species concept: Gahnia lanigera (R.Br.) Benth. | species concept: Geijera linearifolia (DC.) J.M.Black | species concept: Geraniaceae sp. | species concept: Gnephosis tenuissima Cass. | species concept: Gonocarpus sp. | species concept: Goodenia affinis de Vriese | species concept: Goodenia berardiana (Gaudich.) Carolin | species concept: Goodenia blackiana Carolin | species concept: Goodenia cycloptera R.Br. | species concept: Goodenia gibbosa Carolin | species concept: Goodenia glabra R.Br. | species concept: Goodenia glandulosa K.Krause | species concept: Goodenia havilandii Maiden & Betche | species concept: Goodenia lobata Ising | species concept: Goodenia sp. | species concept: Goodenia varia R.Br. | species concept: Grammosolen truncatus (Ising) Haegi | species concept: Gratwickia monochaeta F.Muell. | species concept: Grevillea huegelii Meisn. | species concept: Grevillea juncifolia Hook. subsp. juncifolia | species concept: Grevillea nematophylla F.Muell. subsp. nematophylla | species concept: Grevillea pterosperma F.Muell. | species concept: Grevillea sarissa subsp. umbellifera (J.M.Black) McGill. | species concept: Grevillea stenobotrya F.Muell. | species concept: Grevillea treueriana F.Muell. | species concept: Gunniopsis quadrifida (F.Muell.) Pax | species concept: Gypsophila tubulosa (Jaub. & Spach) Boiss. | species concept: Gyrostemon ramulosus Desf. | species concept: Hakea francisiana F.Muell. | species concept: Hakea leucoptera R.Br. subsp. leucoptera | species concept: Halgania andromedifolia Behr & F.Muell. | species concept: Halgania cyanea Lindl. | species concept: Haloragis odontocarpa f. pterocarpa Orchard | species concept: Halosarcia sp. | species concept: Hedypnois rhagadioloides (L.) F.W.Schmidt | species concept: Helichrysum leucopsideum DC. | species concept: Heliotropium asperrimum R.Br. | species concept: Helipterum sp. | species concept: Hemichroa diandra R.Br. | species concept: Hibbertia crispula J.M.Black | species concept: Hibiscus krichauffianus F.Muell. | species concept: Hibiscus sturtii var. grandiflorus Benth. | species concept: Hordeum glaucum Steud. | species concept: Hordeum sp. | species concept: Hyalosperma semisterile (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Hybanthus floribundus (Lindl.) F.Muell. subsp. floribundus | species concept: Hypochaeris glabra L. | species concept: Indigofera australis Willd. var. australis | species concept: Isoetopsis graminifolia Turcz. | species concept: Isotoma petraea F.Muell. f. petraea | species concept: Isotoma scapigera (R.Br.) G.Don | species concept: Ixiochlamys filicifolia Dunlop | species concept: Lasiopetalum behrii F.Muell. | species concept: Lawrencella davenportii (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Lawrencia glomerata Hook. | species concept: Lawrencia squamata Nees | species concept: Lechenaultia divaricata F.Muell. | species concept: Lechenaultia sp. | species concept: Leiocarpa semicalva (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson subsp. semicalva | species concept: Lepidium oxytrichum Sprague | species concept: Lepidium phlebopetalum (F.Muell.) F.Muell. | species concept: Lepidosperma concavum R.Br. | species concept: Lepidosperma sp. | species concept: Lepidosperma viscidum R.Br. | species concept: Leptomeria aphylla R.Br. | species concept: Leptospermum coriaceum (F.Muell. ex Miq.) Cheel | species concept: Leucochrysum fitzgibbonii (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Leucochrysum stipitatum (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Leucopogon cordifolius Lindl. | species concept: Logania nuda F.Muell. | species concept: Lomandra collina (R.Br.) Ewart | species concept: Lomandra leucocephala subsp. robusta A.T.Lee | species concept: Loranthaceae sp. | species concept: Lycium australe F.Muell. | species concept: Lysiana exocarpi (Behr) Tiegh. subsp. exocarpi | species concept: Lysiana exocarpi f. exocarpi | species concept: Lysiana murrayi (F.Muell. & Tate) Tiegh. | species concept: Maireana appressa (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana erioclada (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana georgei (Diels) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana integra (Paul G.Wilson) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana oppositifolia (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana pentatropis (Tate) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana radiata (Paul G.Wilson) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana rohrlachii (Paul G.Wilson) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana sedifolia (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana sp. | species concept: Maireana spongiocarpa (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana suaedifolia (Paul G.Wilson) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana trichoptera (J.M.Black) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana triptera (Benth.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Maireana villosa (Lindl.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Marsdenia australis (R.Br.) Druce | species concept: Medicago minima (L.) L. ex Bartal. var. minima | species concept: Melaleuca acuminata F.Muell. subsp. acuminata | species concept: Melaleuca eleuterostachya F.Muell. | species concept: Melaleuca lanceolata Otto subsp. lanceolata | species concept: Melaleuca leiocarpa F.Muell. | species concept: Melaleuca pauperiflora F.Muell. | species concept: Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L. | species concept: Microcybe multiflora Turcz. subsp. multiflora | species concept: Microseris lanceolata (Walp.) Sch.Bip. | species concept: Millotia greevesii subsp. helmsii (F.Muell. & Tate) P.S.Short | species concept: Millotia macrocarpa Schodde | species concept: Millotia myosotidifolia (Benth.) Steetz | species concept: Minuria leptophylla DC. | species concept: Monachather paradoxus Steud. | species concept: Muelleranthus stipularis (J.M.Black) A.T.Lee | species concept: Murchisonia volubilis Brittan | species concept: Myoporum platycarpum R.Br. subsp. platycarpum | species concept: Nicotiana goodspeedii H.-M.Wheeler | species concept: Nicotiana rosulata (S.Moore) Domin subsp. rosulata | species concept: Nicotiana simulans N.T.Burb. | species concept: Nicotiana velutina H.-M.Wheeler | species concept: Olearia decurrens (DC.) Benth. | species concept: Olearia exiguifolia (F.Muell.) F.Muell. ex Benth. | species concept: Olearia floribunda (Hook.f.) Benth. | species concept: Olearia lepidophylla (Pers.) Benth. | species concept: Olearia magniflora (F.Muell.) Benth. | species concept: Olearia muelleri (Sond.) Benth. | species concept: Olearia pimeleoides (DC.) Benth. | species concept: Olearia sp. | species concept: Olearia stuartii (F.Muell.) Benth. | species concept: Olearia subspicata (Hook.) Benth. | species concept: Onopordum acaulon L. | species concept: Opercularia turpis F.Muell. ex J.M.Black | species concept: Osteocarpum salsuginosum F.Muell. | species concept: Oxalis radicosa A.Rich. | species concept: Ozothamnus retusus F.Muell. & Sond. ex Sond. | species concept: Paractaenum novae-hollandiae subsp. reversum (F.Muell.) R.D.Webster | species concept: Paractaenum refractum (F.Muell.) R.D.Webster | species concept: Parietaria debilis G.Forst. | species concept: Phebalium bullatum J.M.Black | species concept: Philotheca linearis (A.Cunn. ex Endl.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Phyllanthus lacunarius F.Muell. | species concept: Pimelea microcephala | species concept: Pimelea microcephala R.Br. subsp. microcephala | species concept: Pimelea simplex F.Muell. subsp. simplex | species concept: Pittosporum angustifolium Lodd., G.Lodd. & W.Lodd. | species concept: Plantago debilis R.Br. | species concept: Pleurosorus rutifolius (R.Br.) Fee | species concept: Podolepis canescens A.Cunn. ex DC. f. canescens | species concept: Podolepis capillaris (Steetz) Diels | species concept: Podolepis longipedata A.Cunn. ex DC. | species concept: Podolepis rugata Labill. var. rugata | species concept: Podotheca angustifolia (Labill.) Less. | species concept: Pogonolepis muelleriana (Sond.) P.S.Short | species concept: Polycalymma stuartii F.Muell. & Sond. ex Sond. | species concept: Pomax umbellata (Gaertn.) Sol. ex A.Rich. | species concept: Poranthera microphylla Brongn. | species concept: Portulaca oleracea L. | species concept: Prostanthera althoferi subsp. longifolia B.J.Conn | species concept: Prostanthera ammophila B.J.Conn | species concept: Prostanthera sericea (J.M.Black) B.J.Conn | species concept: Prostanthera serpyllifolia subsp. microphylla (R.Br.) B.J.Conn | species concept: Prostanthera sp. | species concept: Ptilotus decipiens (Benth.) C.A.Gardner | species concept: Ptilotus exaltatus Nees var. exaltatus | species concept: Ptilotus gaudichaudii (Steud.) J.M.Black subsp. gaudichaudii | species concept: Ptilotus obovatus | species concept: Ptilotus obovatus (Gaudich.) F.Muell. | species concept: Ptilotus polystachyus (Gaudich.) F.Muell. f. polystachyus | species concept: Ptilotus seminudus (J.M.Black) J.M.Black | species concept: Ptilotus sessilifolius (Lindl.) Benl | species concept: Ptychosema anomalum F.Muell. | species concept: Pultenaea elachista (F.Muell.) Crisp | species concept: Pycnosorus pleiocephalus (F.Muell.) J.Everett & Doust | species concept: Rhagodia crassifolia R.Br. | species concept: Rhagodia eremaea Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Rhagodia preissii Moq. subsp. preissii | species concept: Rhagodia sp. | species concept: Rhagodia spinescens R.Br. | species concept: Rhagodia ulicina (Gand.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Rhodanthe chlorocephala subsp. rosea (Hook.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Rhodanthe floribunda (A.Cunn. ex DC.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Rhodanthe haigii (F.Muell.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Rhodanthe moschata (DC.) Benth. | species concept: Rhodanthe polygalifolia (A.Cunn. ex DC.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Rhodanthe pygmaea (DC.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Rhodanthe stricta (Lindl.) Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Rhyncharrhena linearis (Decne.) K.L.Wilson | species concept: Rostraria cristata (L.) Tzvelev | species concept: Rostraria pumila (Desf.) Tzvelev | species concept: Salsola australis L. | species concept: Santalum acuminatum (R.Br.) A.DC. | species concept: Santalum spicatum (R.Br.) A.DC. | species concept: Sarcostemma viminale subsp. australe (R.Br.) P.I.Forst. | species concept: Sarcozona praecox (F.Muell.) S.T.Blake ex H.Eichler | species concept: Scaevola amblyanthera var. centralis Carolin | species concept: Scaevola bursariifolia J.M.Black | species concept: Scaevola depauperata R.Br. | species concept: Scaevola spinescens R.Br. | species concept: Schismus barbatus (Loefl. ex L.) Thell. | species concept: Schoenia cassiniana (Gaudich.) Steetz | species concept: Schoenus subaphyllus Kuk. | species concept: Sclerolaena costata (R.H.Anderson) A.J.Scott | species concept: Sclerolaena diacantha (Nees) Benth. | species concept: Sclerolaena eriacantha (F.Muell.) Ulbr. | species concept: Sclerolaena johnsonii (Ising) A.J.Scott | species concept: Sclerolaena obliquicuspis (R.H.Anderson) Ulbr. | species concept: Sclerolaena parviflora (R.H.Anderson) A.J.Scott | species concept: Sclerolaena sp. | species concept: Sclerolaena uniflora R.Br. | species concept: Senecio glossanthus (Sond.) Belcher | species concept: Senecio gregorii F.Muell. | species concept: Senecio laceratus (F.Muell.) Belcher | species concept: Senecio pinnatifolius A.Rich. | species concept: Senna artemisioides (Gaudich. ex DC.) Randell subsp. artemisioides | species concept: Senna artemisioides subsp. coriacea (Benth.) Randell | species concept: Senna artemisioides subsp. filifolia Randell | species concept: Senna artemisioides subsp. helmsii (Symon) Randell | species concept: Senna artemisioides subsp. petiolaris Randell | species concept: Senna artemisioides subsp. zygophylla (Benth.) Randell | species concept: Senna pleurocarpa (F.Muell.) Randell var. pleurocarpa | species concept: Setaria basiclada (Hughes) R.D.Webster | species concept: Setaria constricta (Domin) R.D.Webster | species concept: Sida ammophila F.Muell. ex J.H.Willis | species concept: Sida calyxhymenia J.Gay ex DC. | species concept: Sida fibulifera Lindl. | species concept: Sida filiformis A.Cunn. | species concept: Sida spodochroma -- Sida sp. | species concept: Sida spodochroma F.Muell. | species concept: Solanum aff. centrale | species concept: Solanum cleistogamum Symon | species concept: Solanum coactiliferum J.M.Black | species concept: Solanum ellipticum R.Br. f. ellipticum | species concept: Solanum hystrix R.Br. | species concept: Solanum orbiculatum Dunal subsp. orbiculatum | species concept: Sonchus oleraceus L. | species concept: Sonchus sp. | species concept: Sonchus tenerrimus L. | species concept: Spergularia diandra (Guss.) Heldr. | species concept: Stackhousia megaloptera F.Muell. | species concept: Stackhousia muricata Lindl. | species concept: Stenanthemum notiale Rye subsp. notiale | species concept: Stenopetalum lineare R.Br. ex DC. | species concept: Stenopetalum sphaerocarpum F.Muell. | species concept: Stenopetalum velutinum F.Muell. | species concept: Swainsona microcalyx J.M.Black | species concept: Swainsona oliveri F.Muell. | species concept: Swainsona pyrophila Joy Thomps. | species concept: Tecticornia halocnemoides (Nees) K.A.Sheph. & Paul G.Wilson subsp. halocnemoides | species concept: Tecticornia lylei (Ewart & Jean White) K.A.Sheph. & Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Tecticornia pruinosa (Paulsen) K.A.Sheph. & Paul G.Wilson | species concept: Templetonia egena (F.Muell.) Benth. | species concept: Tetragonia eremaea Ostenf. | species concept: Teucrium sessiliflorum Benth. | species concept: Threlkeldia diffusa R.Br. | species concept: Thryptomene biseriata J.W.Green | species concept: Thryptomene elliottii F.Muell. | species concept: Thryptomene maisonneuvei F.Muell. | species concept: Thryptomene sp. | species concept: Thyridolepis mitchelliana (Nees) S.T.Blake | species concept: Thysanotus exiliflorus F.Muell. | species concept: Trachymene glaucifolia (F.Muell.) Benth. | species concept: Trachymene ornata (Endl.) Druce var. ornata | species concept: Tragus australianus S.T.Blake | species concept: Tribulus terrestris L. f. terrestris | species concept: Trichanthodium skirrophorum Sond. & F.Muell. ex Sond. | species concept: Trichodesma zeylanicum (Burm.f.) R.Br. var. zeylanicum | species concept: Triodia irritans R.Br. | species concept: Triodia lanata J.M.Black | species concept: Triodia scariosa N.T.Burb. | species concept: Tripogon loliiformis (F.Muell.) C.E.Hubb. | species concept: Triptilodiscus pygmaeus Turcz. | species concept: Triraphis mollis R.Br. f. mollis | species concept: Urtica urens L. | species concept: Velleia connata F.Muell. | species concept: Velleia cycnopotamica F.Muell. | species concept: Vittadinia australasica (Turcz.) N.T.Burb. var. australasica | species concept: Vittadinia cervicularis N.T.Burb. var. cervicularis | species concept: Vittadinia eremaea N.T.Burb. | species concept: Vittadinia gracilis (Hook.f.) N.T.Burb. | species concept: Vittadinia sp. | species concept: Vulpia myuros (L.) C.C.Gmel. | species concept: Waitzia acuminata Steetz var. acuminata | species concept: Westringia rigida R.Br. f. rigida | species concept: Xerochrysum bracteatum (Vent.) Tzvelev | species concept: Zygophyllum apiculatum F.Muell. | species concept: Zygophyllum aurantiacum (Lindl.) F.Muell. | species concept: Zygophyllum compressum J.M.Black | species concept: Zygophyllum eremaeum (Diels) Ostenf. | species concept: Zygophyllum glaucum F.Muell. | species concept: Zygophyllum ovatum Ewart & Jean White | species concept: Zygophyllum sp. | species concept: null |

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