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RMIT University
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The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) is one of Australia’s original and leading educational institutions, producing some of Australia’s most employable graduates. As an innovative, global university of technology, with its heart in the city of Melbourne, RMIT has an international reputation for excellence in work-relevant education and high quality research, and engagement with the needs of industry and community.

RMIT also provides access to high performance computing (HPC) resources for participating faculty and students. This document describes the policies and procedures governing access to and use of those high-performance computing resources at RMIT. Such policies and procedures are necessary to ensure that the facilities are fairly shared, properly used, and effective in supporting the research and educational needs of their users. Policies outlined in this document may require occasional revision. Such changes are the responsibility of RMIT E-research office. About the RMIT Clusters

RMIT maintains various cluster systems for high performance computing and instructional purposes. List of clusters and their specifications can be found at RMIT HPC Wiki web-page
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RMIT University Building: 10, Level: 10,Room: 21 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia

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