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Department of Fisheries

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The Department of Fisheries’ primary responsibility is to conserve, sustainably develop and share the use of Western Australia’s aquatic resources and their ecosystems for the benefit of present and future generations. We do this through managing fisheries and aquatic ecosystems, assessment and monitoring of fish stocks, enforcement and education, biosecurity management and licensing commercial and recreational fishing activity, including commercial aquaculture. A variety of complex issues impact on the sustainable management of the State’s fish and aquatic resources. To meet these challenges we employ an integrated approach to the planning, priority setting and project management of our key service areas: Fisheries management; covering policy development, licensing and legislation related to the State’s commercial and recreational fisheries, pearling, aquaculture, the aquatic charter industry, customary fishing and protection of aquatic ecosystems, including safeguarding our aquatic biosecurity. Enforcement and education; covering Statewide fisheries compliance, communications and community education. Research and assessment; providing timely, high-quality scientific knowledge and objective advice to support the management, conservation and sustainable use of the State’s fish resources and aquatic environment.

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