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Department of Conservation and Land Management

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State Records Authority of New South Wales
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On 1 July 1991 the Department of Lands and the Soil Conservation Service were abolished and their functions were incorporated with the Land Titles Office and the Valuer General's Department under the Department of Conservation and Land Management. (1)

The Department's provisional organisational structure was simplified to give it two principal divisions, one concerned with land management and the other with land conservation, planning, and research. By mid April 1992 three Program Directors (Corporate Services, Land Management, Conservation) and five regional Directors had been appointed with regional offices being established at Wagga Wagga, Dubbo, Orange, East Maitland and Grafton. (2)

On 25 May 1993, the Minister for Land and Water Conservation was appointed, and re-established the Soil Conservation Service as a separate organisation within the department. The Department then consisted of four divisions, the Soil Conservation Service, the Crown Lands Service, Corporate Services and Land Information. The latter included the Land Information Centre (Surveyor General), the State Land Information Council Directorate, the Land Titles Office (Registrar General) and the Valuer-General’s Office. (3)

The Department of Conservation and Land Management was abolished and the Department of Land and Water Conservation was established on 6 April 1995.

(1) Department of Conservation and Land Management annual report for the year ended 1992 pp. 9-11.
(2) Ibid. page 10.
(3) New South Wales Government Gazette Special Supplement No. 39, 5 April 1995, p.1859.

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